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psych.custombriefings.comAPA Headlines_ Study Finds No Association Between MMR Vaccine And ASD In Children.pdf

APA Headlines_ MIND Diet May Help Reduce Alzheimers Risk.pdf

APA Headlines_ Some Physicians May Dismiss Parents Concerns About Early Signs Of Autism.pdf

APA Headlines_ Senate Passes Medicare SGR Bill.pdf

APA Headlines_ Alcohol Use In Movies May Influence Adolescent Drinking.pdf

APA Headlines: Inmates with Mental Illness Caught Between Penal System, Psychiatric Hospitals

APA Headlines_ Experts Theorize Aggression Not Just Depression May Be Behind Germanwings Crash.pdf

APA Headlines_ Senate Must Pass SGR Fix By April 14 To Avert Payment Cuts.pdf

APA Headlines_ Senate Delays Vote On SGR Fix After House Passes Bipartisan Bill.pdf

News Release - APA Urges Senate Passage of the Medicare Formula Fix Repeal of SGR.pdf

APA Headlines: House Unveils Bipartisan Package To Repeal SGR

Small Study - Girls of Depressed Mothers Appear to Have Shortened Telomeres

CDC: Most People Who Drink to Excess May Not Be Alcoholics

Senators: Veterans at Risk for Suicide Have to Wait Too Long for VA Mental Health Treatment

Integrated Care Notes

Psychedelics Tested To See If They Can Help People With PTSD Other Maladies

Many Young Adults Abusing Stimulant Medications For AD_HD.pdf

Fish Oil Supplements May Help Prevent Psychosis In High-Risk Young People.pdf

Study - New Screening System Could Reduce Military Suicides

Atypical Antipsychotics May Benefit Patients with Acute Schizophrenia Across Full Symptom Severity Spectrum

APA Position Statement on Marijuana as Medicine




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