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APA News & Updates

Women With Schizophrenia May Be Only Half As Likely As Women In General Population To Get Mammograms, Meta-Analysis Suggests

Psychiatric News (11/18) reports, “Women with schizophrenia are only half as likely as women in the general population to receive mammograms,” researchers concluded in an 11-study meta-analysis, the findings of which were published online Nov. 14 in Psychiatric Services, a publication of the American Psychiatric Association.

Parental Consent Needed For Transition-Related Treatment, Fact-Check Finds

The Houston Chronicle (11/18) does a fact check of Dallas Eagle Forum president Cindi Castilla’s claim that legislators “left children able to be sterilized and mutilated at any point in their life,” a statement made “about gender transition treatments for young children during an Oct. 31 press conference,” where she referred to “an ongoing legal battle in Dallas over the gender identity of a 7-year-old.” The “Politifact ruling” finds the claim to be “mostly false.” While, “Castilla is right that there is no law regulating transition-related treatment separately from other medically-necessary care and the same age regulations apply – minors need parental consent.” It also indicates that “widely accepted guidelines for transition care emphasize gender-affirming care and therapy as primary tools for children,” and “more intensive options, like surgery or hormone treatment, are typically reserved for older adolescents (with parental consent) and adults.” An article from the American Psychiatric Association stated that “for some children, they experience puberty, they suddenly find themselves unable to identify with their own body.”

        The San Antonio (TX) Express-News (11/18) also reports.

Government and Psychiatry

Cleveland Clinic Psychiatrist Says Federal Bill Should Be Amended To Allow Mental Healthcare Professionals To Petition Courts For Temporary Gun Removals From Patients

Cleveland Clinic Consult QD (11/18) reports Dr. Brian Barnett, a psychiatrist at the Cleveland Clinic, argues that “a bipartisan red-flag gun bill in the U.S. Senate should be amended to allow mental health providers to petition courts for temporary gun removal from their patients at imminent risk of harming themselves or others.” Dr. Barnett “contends that including mental health providers among those who may petition for temporary gun removal – along with the at-risk individual’s family members and law enforcement officers – would increase the lives the bill would save from gun violence, particularly from suicide.”

Psychiatry and Public Health

Experts Urge Action In Response To Findings Of Increased Youth Mental Health Diagnoses, Suicide

The Dallas Morning News (11/19, Smith) reports that “more needs to be done to provide mental and behavioral health services for children – especially those living in poverty,” according to Children’s Health annual report examining “the quality of life for kids in six North Texas counties.” In Collin and Dallas counties, the report found “the number of children receiving mental health diagnoses through Medicaid managed care has more than doubled in recent years.” The report noted that “funding for child-specific mental health services has decreased from 2016-17 to 2018-19,” while “child mortality and adolescent suicides are on the rise, with Dallas County experiencing a 27% increase in adolescent suicides in 2016.” This is the first year in the report’s “16-year history” where a specific recommendation was made to target mental health specifically.

Two Thirds Of US Parents Surveyed Say They Feel There Are Barriers To Them Recognizing Depression In Their Child

Newsweek (11/18, Gander) reports, “Two thirds of parents” surveyed “in the U.S. say they feel there are barriers to them recognizing their child has depression.” In the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, 40 percent “of the nationally representative sample of 819 parents, who lived with a child aged between 0-18 years old...said they might find it hard to tell normal changes in moods from symptoms of the mental illness.” Thirty percent “said children were good hiding their feelings.”

Psychiatric Medication Update

Experimental Schizophrenia Drug Achieves Main Goal Of Reducing Acute Psychosis And Related Symptoms In Mid-Stage Trial

STAT (11/18, Feuerstein) reports Karuna Therapeutics’ KarXT (xanomeline and trospium) “achieved the main goal of a mid-stage clinical trial by reducing the acute psychosis and related symptoms experienced by patients with schizophrenia.” Karuna said it plans to meet with the FDA early next year and then start phase 3 trials of the drug, which “works by targeting muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in the brain.”