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Two-Thirds Of Parents Want Schools To Teach Students More About Mental Health, Survey Finds

ADD Most Common Mental Health Diagnosis Among Young Kids Who Commit Suicide,
Study Suggests

Nearly 10 Million US Adults Seriously Thought About Committing Suicide Last Year,
SAMHSA Report Finds

Small Brain Scan Study Reveals Why Some Older Adults Retain Remarkable Memory Performance

Schools’ Practice Of Screening Students For Mental Health Issues Varies Widely Across
The US

Many Seniors Erroneously Denied Medicare Coverage

House Subcommittee Members Push For Insurers To Do More To Ensure Mental Health

CMS Unveils More MACRA Options For Physicians

Adults With Arthritis May Have Significantly Higher Odds Of Suicide Attempts, Study

Relatives Who Care For Patients With Dementia Often Experience Frustration Due To
Poor Communication, Study Suggests

Some Children Of Parents With History Of Psychiatric Illness May Be At Higher Risk For
Attempting Suicide, Engaging In Violent Behavior

Stroke Survivors May Face An Increased Risk Of Developing Depression, Research

Adolescents With BD May Be Especially At Risk Of Developing Substance Abuse
Problems By Early Adulthood, Small Study Indicates

FDA Requires Boxed Warning, Medication Guides For Opioids, Benzodiazepines

Genes Associated With Autism May Often Differ Among Siblings

Overall Mental Health May Improve Until Very End Of Life, Researchers Say

People Who Have Depression May Not Be Getting Needed Treatment, Study Indicates

Researchers Devise Panel Of Blood Biomarkers In Asymptomatic Patients At Increased
Risk For Schizophrenia

Black Children May Be Less Likely To Be Diagnosed With Or Treated For AD/HD Than
White Children

Young Adult’s Job Satisfaction Can Impact Health In Middle-Age, Study Suggests

Study Indicates Consumers Have Fewer Insurer Options For 2017

CMS Mulling New Rules To Prevent Healthcare Professionals From Steering Patients Into ACA Plans

Antipsychotic Use In Pregnancy Appears To Present No Meaningful Risk Of Birth Defects In

Research Suggests Association Between Chronic Pain, Depression In Couples

Maternal Acetaminophen Use In Pregnancy May Be Associated With Behavioral Problems
In Offspring

Depression In People Aged 60 And Older May Often Go Unrecognized And Untreated,
Researchers Say

CDC Survey Reveals LGB High School Students Face Higher Risk Of Depression,
Violence, Bullying

Hospitalization For Serious Infections May Be Associated With Increased Risk For Suicide

Volunteer Work May Be Good For Mental Well Being, But Only After Age 40, Study Indicates

Telepsychiatry Emerges As Practical Approach To Reaching More Young People In Underserved Or Rural Areas

CMS Encourages States To Use Medicaid Funds For Home And Community-Based Care

APA News Release Children Diagnosed with Autism at Earlier Age More Likely to Receive Evidence-Based Treatments.pdf

APA Headlines Locked Inpatient Wards Appear Not To Reduce Suicide Attempts Unauthorized Absence Among Patients With Mental Illness Study Indicates.pdf

APA Headlines - Intense Vascular Risk Management Fails To Prevent Dementia Study Indicates.pdf

APA Headlines - Thinning Retina May Be A Sign Of Declining Cognitive Function Researchers Say.pdf

APA Headlines - Visual Information Processing Exercises May Reduce Likelihood Of Cognitive Decline Or Dementia In Seniors Study Says.pdf

APA Headlines - Risk For Substance Abuse May Be Lower When AD HD Medications Are Started Earlier And Taken Longer Study Finds.pdf

APA Headlines - Men With Alzheimers May Have Atypical Symptoms May Be Younger At Diagnosis Research Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines - Medicare Spending Per Person Peaks At Age 73 Report Says.pdf

APA Headlines - Inducing Labor Appears Not To Raise A Pregnant Womans Risk Of Having A Child With Autism.pdf

APA Headlines - APOE Gene May Affect Brain Development Mental Abilities Of Children Scan Study Finds.pdf

APA Applauds Congressional Passage of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act.pdf

APA Headlines - US Alcohol Deaths Have Reached A 35-Year High CDC Finds.pdf

APA Headlines - Older Women May Also Exhibit Symptoms of Eating Disorders.pdf

APA Headlines - House Overwhelmingly Passes Long-Delayed Mental Health Reform Legislation.pdf

APA Headlines - Deductibles For Many ACA Plans Fell, CMS Says.pdf

APA Headlines - Patients With Recurring Episodes Of Binge-Eating May Benefit From CBT Or Medication Review Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines - Majority Of Antidepressants Appear Not To Work For Teens And Children With Major Depression Meta-Analysis Reveals.pdf

APA Headlines - Early Puberty Breast Development In Girls May Be Tied To An Increased Risk Of Depression.pdf

APA Headlines - Neuron Study Suggests Alzheimers May Stem From Toxic Remnants Of Brains Attempt To Fight Off Infection.pdf

APA Headlines - Dementia Rates Have Fallen Steadily Over Past Four Decades Study Finds.pdf

APA Headlines - FDA Announces Reforms To Combat Opioid Abuse.pdf

APA Headlines - New York Governor Announces Measures Aimed At Eliminating Conversion Therapy For Minors.pdf

APA Headlines - USPSTF Calls For Routine Depression Screening Of All Adults Including Expectant And New Mothers.pdf

APA Headlines - New Study Takes Significant Step Toward Understanding The Cause Of Schizophrenia.pdf

APA Headlines - Obesity Diabetes In Pregnancy May Be Associated With An Increased Risk For Autism In Offspring.pdf

APA Headlines - Defense Department To Propose Several Changes To Mental Health Services.pdf

APA Headlines - New Coordinated Care Approach To Treating Early Schizophrenia Appears To Be Cost-Effective Study Finds.pdf

APA Headlines - White House Seeks $1.1B To Fight Opioid Abuse Epidemic.pdf

APA Headlines - Teens Brains May Make Them More Susceptible To Addiction Small Study Indicates.pdf

APA Headlines - Supreme Court Turns Down Constitutional Challenge To ACA.pdf

APA Headlines - Suicides Fueling Efforts By Administration Congress To Address Plight Of Veterans.pdf

APA Headlines - President Obama To Propose Financial Incentive For Remaining States To Expand Medicaid.pdf

APA Headlines - Overdoses Behind Rise In Mortality Rates Of Young Whites.pdf

APA Headlines - Mental Health Advocates Divided Over Certain Gun Control Proposals.pdf

APA Headlines - Both New-Onset And Persistent Depression May Be Common Among Individuals With COPD.pdf

APA Headlines - Antipsychotic Medications May Be Associated With An Increased Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes In Young People.pdf

APA Headlines - Marine Battalion Plagued By High Suicide Rate.pdf

APA Headlines - OnTrackNY Program Seeks To Reinvent Treatment For Schizophrenia.pdf

APA Headlines - GOP Governors Willing To Expand Medicaid While Republicans In Congress Remain Opposed.pdf

APA Headlines - US Alcohol Deaths Have Reached A 35-Year High, CDC Finds.pdf

APA Headlines - Older Women May Also Exhibit Symptoms Of Eating Disorders.pdf

APA Headlines - CDC Report Deaths From Overdoses Reach Record High In 2014.pdf

APA Headlines - Root Of Autism May Lie In Malformation Of Brains Blood Vessels Small Postmortem Study Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines - Discourse Surrounding Gun Violence Holding Up Mental Health System Overhaul Legislation.pdf

APA Headlines - SSRI Antidepressants During Last Six Months Of Pregnancy May Raise Risk For Autism.pdf

APA Headlines - Report People With Mental Illness 16 Times More Likely Than Others To Be Killed By Police.pdf

APA Headlines - Millennial Veterans May Be At Greatest Risk For Suicide Study Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines - Only 23 States Have Increased Mental Health Spending Report Finds.pdf

APA Headlines - Nearly One-Third Of Interns Residents May Experience Depressive Symptoms During Their Training Analysis Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines - Mass Shootings Impacting US Psyche Mental Health Experts Say.pdf

APA News Release - News Media Framing of Abuse of Prescription Painkillers Criminal Activity or Treatable Health Condition .pdf

APA Headlines - Sedentary Young Adults Who Watch Too Much TV May Experience Midlife Cognitive Issues.pdf

APA Headlines - House Speaker Ryan Calls For Overhaul Of Mental Health System.pdf

APA Headlines - Patient Assaults On Employees Of Washington State Psychiatric Hospital Costing Millions.pdf

APA Headlines - Review Calls Attention To Side Effects Of Methylphenidate For Treatment Of AD HD In Children.pdf

APA Headlines - De Blasio Administration Unveils $850 Million Mental Health Roadmap.pdf

APA Headlines - Stimulant Medications May Increase Vulnerability To PTSD Study Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines - One In Ten Americans May Suffer From A Drug Use Disorder.pdf

APA Headlines - McCray Announces New Depression Screening Initiative For Expectant And New Mothers In New York City.pdf

APA Headlines - Moderate Coffee Drinking Associated With Lower Risk Of Death From Certain Conditions Including Suicide.pdf

APA Headlines - Eviction Tied To Higher Likelihood Of Committing Suicide.pdf

APA Headlines - Survey Reveals Big Jump In The Number Of US Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder.pdf

APA Headlines - Obama Will Urge Congress To Improve Veterans Access To Care.pdf

APA Headlines - Adult Patients With Severe Mental Illness And Who Take Antipsychotics May Not Be Adequately Screened For Diabetes.pdf

APA Headlines - CBT May Be Better In The Long Run Than Light Therapy For People With SAD Small Study Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines - House Energy And Commerce Subcommittee On Health Advances Mental Health Reform Bill.pdf

APA Headlines - Nearly Three In Five Americans Take A Prescription Medication Study Indicates.pdf

APA Headlines Rural Suicides On The Increase.pdf

APA Headlines Rising Heroin Use Among Whites Leads To Calls For More Understanding In Drug War.pdf

APA Headlines Kids In Foster Care More Than Three Times More Likely To Have A Diagnosis Of AD HD Than Kids Not In Foster Care CDC Study Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines Only One-Sixth Of People With Opioid Addiction Have Received Treatment Researchers Say.pdf

News Release Real-World Multifaceted Treatment for First-Episode Psychosis Improves Multiple Patient Outcomes.pdf

APA Headlines Talk Therapy Family Support In Addition To Antipsychotic Medication May Benefit Patients With Schizophrenia More Than Medication-Focused Therapy Alone.pdf

APA Headlines Wide-Ranging Suicide Prevention Funding Appears To Have Successfully Prevented Suicide Attempts Among Some US Youths.pdf

APA Headlines US Prescription Opioid Abuse Declines But Disorders And Overdose Deaths Rise.pdf

APA Headlines Significant Percentage Of Kids With Mental Health Conditions May Be Treated Only By Pediatricians Study Suggests.pdf

APA Headlines Risk Of Self-Harm Suicide Attempts May Increase After Bariatric Surgery.pdf

APA Headlines Expectant Dads May Also Experience Elevated Symptoms Of Depression During Partners Pregnancies.pdf

APA Headlines Some Academics Contend Gun Violence Should Be Considered A Public Health Crisis.pdf

APA Position Statement on Marijuana as Medicine