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What’s News at the APA

Advocacy Conference: June 5th, Noon-5:30 P.M. Eastern

Virtual Meetings with Lawmakers: June 10th 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Your Time Zone

To learn more or registerwww.psychiatry.org/psychiatrists/advocacy/federal-affairs/federal-advocacy-conference    

Before holding virtual meetings with federal legislators and staff, attendees will spend Saturday, June 5th, learning everything they need to know to advocate for psychiatry. The experience will include insights from APA’s advocacy leaders and staff on the inner workings of Congress and the legislative process as well as a hands-on advocacy training on the issues APA members will be discussing with their congressional offices. Then on June 10th, attendees will put their training to use in virtual meetings with congressional offices from your state and promote APA’s legislative agenda.

Attendees will be responsible for a $50 registration fee ($25 for Resident or Fellow members) and will be expected to attend the entire advocacy conference. Additionally, many factors may impact meeting availability for congressional offices and meeting times may change at the last moment. Missed meetings reflect poorly on APA so attendees will be expected to dedicate the full day to legislative meetings on June 10th. Registration closes on May 28th. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sage Bauer (sbauer@psych.org), Federal and State Grassroots and PAC Manager.