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2016 Fall Meeting
Renaissance Arts Hotel in New Orleans
September 30 - October 01, 2016

More details coming soon!

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Spring Meeting Highlights

Mississippi Exec Angela Ladner with friends and members pausing for the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot chocolate provided by the hotel each night!  Yummy!! 

Dr. Dean Robinson receives special thanks from the membership for two great years of service as President

Dr. Lee Stevens is given appreciation for his service as Past President

Dr.  Lee Michals receives LSU Shreveport Excellence in Psychiatry Award for Graduating Residents-Fellows

Dr. Jill McCall is awarded the Resident-Fellow LSU New Orleans Excellence in Psychiatry Award

Dr. Veronique Haymon receives the Tulane Resident-Fellow Excellence in Psychiatry Award 

Not pictured is Dr. Jason Boudreaux who received the Resident-Fellow LSU Baton Rouge Excellence in Psychiatry Award.  Congratulations to all!

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  • Suicide Attempts Higher Among Army Soldiers With Mental Illness, Never Deployed

    The rate of suicide attempts by soldiers in the U.S. Army is elevated among those who were never deployed and those who have a mental illness, according to a study published yesterday in JAMA Psychiatry.

    The rate of suicide attempts, similar to that of suicide, has increased in the Army over the past decade, noted lead author Robert Uranso, M.D., chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Md., and collaborators. However, the researchers added, suicide attempts by Army members have been studied less than completed suicides among this population, despite the potential for a suicide attempt to be a gateway to dying by suicide.

    In an effort to shed more light on factors associated with suicide attempts among Army soldiers, Uranaso and colleagues gathered the health information of 163,178 soldiers to examine risk factors and timing of suicide attempts by those who were currently deployed, previously deployed, or never deployed in the period 2004 through 2009. The work is part of the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Service members (Army STARRS).

    The results showed that 9,650 of the study's participants had attempted suicide. The 40.4 percent of soldiers who had never been deployed accounted for 61.1%  of the enlisted soldiers who attempted suicide. Previously deployed soldiers accounted for 29.2% of the suicide attempts, and currently deployed soldiers accounted...